Bina Fonyat (1945-1985), carioca photographer recognized internationally, had already published two photo books and a third ready to go into graphic when he died prematurely at 40 years of age. Architecture Degree from the Architecture School of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1967, he is dedicated to architecture and set design before starting to photograph professionally in 1969. He develops an extremely eclectic career, having been dedicated to press, theater, fine arts and advertising photography, working from reporting the automobile running of the 24 hours of Le Mans for the magazine O Cruzeiro to album covers of Elis Regina and Edu Lobo. He also develops documentary work of personal expression, publishing the books Carnaval (1978) and Fotografias (1979), leaving another unprecedented work dedicated to Rio´s neighborhood of Copacabana, which is published as a book in 2002 with support of the for Culture of the City of Rio de Janeiro. In his collection, in addition to professional work, there are authoring registers of the trips he took, the daily life in the city of Rio de Janeiro, of Copacabana neighborhood, where he lived, and the Rio carnival, which he intensely registered. In 15 years professionally dedicated to photography, Bina Fonyat developed his own language, with humor and opportunity, always having his main focus of interest in the human being.

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