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Founded in 2009 by Alexandre Sant'Anna, Ana Stewart, Bruno Veiga, Isabel Amado and Ricardo Fasanello, and currently under the direction of Ana Stewart, Galeria da Gávea presents a current scenery of the contemporary and emerging Brazilian photography. Around five exhibitions – solo and group – are showed per year, emphasizing curatorial research based in great aesthetic rigor. To promote the production of its artists, the gallery search to straight its relatioship between photography and the visual arts circuit. Furthermore, it is also a plataform of exchange and difusion of ideas with developments into fairs, talks and publications releases. Besides its eighteen permanent artists represented in Rio de Janeiro, the gallery has also a collection with works from other artists kept in strict conservation standards.

Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 432 - Gávea
Rio de Janeiro
ZIP 22451-040
+55 21 2274-5200 | Visitação de segunda à sexta, das 11h às 19h
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