In 1968 he initiated studies of Engineering Mechanics in the Universidade Federal da Paraíba, but he did not conclude the course. He studied Photography in the New York Institute of Photography, in New York, 1972, and Anthropology and History of Art in the Manchester College, North Manchester, U.S.A., 1973. Between 1971 and 1974 he developed in the United States the assay “A América e os Americanos”, and from 1975 to 1980 he was consulting technician of the photographic archive on the Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação (Research and Documentation Center) of Fundação Getúlio Vargas and the Arquivo Nacional, in Rio De Janeiro. From 1979 to 1984, he worked in Veja and Exame magazines, and from 1984 to 1986 in IstoÉ magazine. In 1992 he carried out the solo exhibition “Assim é se Lhe Parece”, showed in Galeria Fotoptica, São Paulo, and Funarte, Rio de Janeiro. He integrated numerous group expositions, such as I Photograph Exhibition, Funarte, Rio de Janeiro, 1979, Miroir Rebelle, Paris, France, 1986, Contemporary Brazilian Photography, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 1995, Brazil without Borders, Houston Center for Photography and Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburg, USA, 2001, and “ Visões and Alumbramentos”: Contemporary Brazilian Photograph of Joaquin Paiva Collection, Oca, São Paulo, 2002. He won the following awards: Abril de Jornalismo, São Paulo, 1982, Eugène Atget, Paris, France, 1984, Prix Air France, Ville de Paris, France, 1984, Marc Ferrez Photography, Funarte, Rio de Janeiro, 1992, and Vitae Scholarship, Fundação Vitae, São Paulo, 1992. He integrates, among others, following collections: the Museu de Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro, Pirelli/Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Joaquin Paiva, Brasilia-DF, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, and 1500 Gallery, New York, USA. Antonio Augusto published an assay on Paris in the Fotoptica magazine, in 1985, about the composer Chico Buarque for layer of the record and book Chico, letra e música (Companhia das Letras, 1989), and “Rio à Francesa” for the newspaper of Paris, Le Monde, in 2000. He participated on the albums Brasil sem fronteiras (Tempo de Imagem, 1997) and Caderno de fotografia (Institute Moreira Salles, 2002), this last one on the War of Canudos.

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